In our busy lives, we often overlook the tasks that need to be done around our homes. From cleaning gutters to mowing the lawn, there is a lot on our plate to keep up with. But one task that many homeowners do not consider is scheduling an air duct cleaning service. Cleaning your ductwork can save money, improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens in your home. But how long does this process really take and what should you look for in a reputable duct cleaner?

The most common method of duct cleaning uses negative pressure. This method consists of a company sending a trained professional into your home who will use specialized tools to dislodge the dirt and dust from your ductwork. Then they will use a high powered vacuum to suck up all of the debris. This is the most thorough and reputable method of cleaning your ductwork. It also allows for the most accurate pricing since it is not as time-consuming as other methods.

Your heating and cooling system is like the lungs of your house. It takes in air and then recirculates it 5 to 7 times per day. During this re-circulation, a lot of contaminants can get into the system. These contaminants include dander, dust, and harmful micro-organisms. These contaminants can cause a variety of issues including respiratory problems, allergy symptoms, and asthma attacks. Cleaning your ducts will help to remove these contaminants from the recirculation cycle and keep your home healthier.

In addition to reducing indoor air pollution, cleaning your ducts air duct cleaning service can save you money on energy bills and make it easier to maintain your heating and cooling systems. Dirty ducts can restrict air flow, causing the equipment to work harder to maintain proper temperatures. This can lead to premature wear and tear on the equipment, resulting in expensive repairs. Regularly cleaning your ducts can prevent this and extend the life of your HVAC systems.

Some duct cleaners may propose using sprayed sealants or chemical biocides in your ductwork. While these practices can be beneficial, it is important to understand the risks involved before allowing them to be applied in your home. These chemicals can be harmful to children, seniors, and those with compromised immune systems. They can also affect your home’s interior surfaces and can even cause corrosion of the ductwork itself.

Duct cleaning can be a time-consuming and messy process, but it is well worth it to have your family breathing clean air. It can also remove the need to dust frequently, saving you time and money. However, duct cleaning isn’t a substitute for routine maintenance and other preventative measures, so be sure to schedule maintenance services regularly. You should also consult with a trusted HVAC contractor to determine how often you should have your ducts cleaned. The experts at Stanley Steemer recommend getting your ducts cleaned every three to five years, depending on how much your household uses the HVAC system.